The Golden Canadian leaf has grown in Planica

01. 03. 2023

The Golden Canadian leaf has grown in Planica

At the 43rd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Canada won its first medal. Alexandria Loutitt was the best in ski jumping on the large hill in exceptional competition. On the team event of Nordic combined, Norwegians dominated once again, as well as in the 10 km cross-country skiing, where the first four places were taken by members of the Norwegian team.

Alexandria Loutitt caused a sensation at the 43rd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships by becoming the first Canadian to win a gold medal in ski jumping. The 19-year-old from Calgary, where hockey is in the first place and women's ski jumping far behind it, is also the winner of a World Cup competition in Japan. After the first round, she was tied for the lead with the very well-prepared Maren Ludby. Despite the exceptional competition, since the Norwegian had an excellent jump before her, Loutitt endured the pressure, achieved a long jump in the second round and entered the history as an athlete who became both junior and senior world champion in ski jumping in the same competitive year: "I'm in heaven, I never thought I would be a world junior and then a senior champion. I grew up on these ski jumps because we don't have such training conditions in Canada. I'm very happy that I succeeded here."

Gold medalist Alexandria Loutitt © BoBo/Žiga Živulovič ml.

Second place was taken by Maren Ludby, who failed to defend her title from the championship in Oberstdorf. The Norwegian was 10.4 points behind the winner, but silver is still an excellent result for the 28-year-old veteran. This is her eighth medal at world championships: "I am also somewhat surprised. Being here and competing is more than I could have hoped for, but today I got a medal. I didn't believe I could win it, but I hoped it would happen."

Silver medalist large hill Maren Lundby © BoBo/Žiga Živulovič ml.

On the lowest step of the podium was Katharina Althaus. The German has won a medal in all the competitions she has participated in at Planica. She has three gold and one bronze: "My boyfriend told me I had to win bronze because we don't have a bronze medal at home yet, so I followed his request."

The best Slovenian on the large hill was Ema Klinec, who finished in seventh place overall: "Both jumps today were good, so I have nothing to blame myself for."

Norwegians unstoppable in cross-country skiing

The cross-country skiing race was dominated by Norwegian athletes, who took the first four places. Simen Hegstad Kruger, also the champion in the Skiathlon, won the title of champion, his second at the 43rd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica. "This championship is excellent for me, and winning a second gold medal is an incredible feeling. It was a tough battle with my competitors, and I'm happy to be on the podium today," described Krueger of his gold performance.

© BoBo/Luka Kotnik

The worst of the top four Norwegians was Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo, who narrowly missed the bronze medal, which he still lacks at the Planica championships. The second place went to Harald Oestberga Amundsen, and the third place went to the champion from Oberstdorf, Hans Christer Holund. "I'm not disappointed to be third at all. The season was tough for me, so I'm very happy to be on the podium and have a medal. I knew before the race that it would be difficult to beat the best athletes, so I'm proud of myself," said Holund.

Nordic combined a pure Norwegian domain

The Norwegian team dominated the competition and won the men's team 4x5 km event, becoming the world champions. Espen Andersen, Jens Luraa Oftenro, Joergen Graabak, and Jarl Magnu Riiber continued their impressive performance in Planica. "We all did great on the ski jump, and Jarl even set a new record. We had a good starting position, Espen started well in the skiing part, and Joergen and I tried to maintain our position. We hoped Jarl would be the first to cross the finish line, which he did, so we're satisfied with the result," said Oftebro Jens Luraas after the new success of the Norwegian Nordic combined team.

© BoBo/Žiga Živulovič ml.

The ranking in the last three FIS World Championships was the same, with Germany coming in second and Austria in third. The home team, Slovenia, finished last in 11th place.