Planica is an alpine valley in north-western Slovenia, not far from the famous Kranjska Gora ski resort and just a few kilometres away from Austria and Italy. It is the Slovenian cradle of ski jumping and ski flying. We can say with certainty that Planica is responsible for the biggest shift in our mentality - thinking that a person can fly on skis. Here, two legends jumped over 100 and 200 meters for the first time in history. Today, Planica, also known as the valley under Ponce mountains, is a place that offers young athletes from Slovenia and abroad excellent conditions for training in ski jumping, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined. On the way to glory at the biggest events, Planica also accompanies athletes in many competitions of the highest level, both in summer and winter.


In Planica, we have been oriented to achieve environmentally sustainable events for many years, and we will strive for this in the future as well. We are aware that large competitions also attract a large number of visitors, so we will focus a lot of energy on the organization and promotion of public transport.

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