700 days until Planica 2023

23. 03. 2021

700 days until Planica 2023

There is exactly 700 days until the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2023 in Planica. Žiga Jelar, ambassador of two week long World Championships in two years time is looking forward for it to start.

"Having Nordic World Ski Championships at home will definitely be beautiful. Especially because of the fans. I believe that the situation will be completely different then. There’s always a lot of fans in Planica and I believe that in 2023 it won't be any different. We will jump on hills where we train a lot and that will definitely be an advantage. Considering how well organized was the FIS Ski Flying World Championships in December I have no doubt that the Championships in 700 days will be a great spectacle,'' said Žiga Jelar, who believes that the event will be talked about more and more, even in the ski jumping caravan. ''We are going from competition to competition, as we like to say, but maybe after Sunday's race the word will be about Championships in 2023. As far as I know, I believe that everyone is very enthusiastic, because everyone loves coming to Planica. This is also a very nice event for them.''

700 days seems like a lot, you probably don't think that far in your life. Jelar agrees with that: "Now that we're talking about this, I'd be lying if I said I am not looking there. I want to be part of the team in 2023. We all know that only medals count at the World Championships and that must be our goal. We also know that we can be among the best, I proved it to myself at the end of the last season. I also learned a lot from this season, the Olympics follow the next season, and after that World Championships at home, so I'm happy that this season already happened, so I will be able to learn a lot from these mistakes and that I will be fighting for the highest places in Planica 2023!'