Mass social and sports events, which have always been part of social culture, today face the challenge of responsible use of resources and leaving a positive legacy. We believe that participation in a sports event can be interesting in terms of fan support, and environmentally friendly. Therefore, in search of sustainable synergies in collaboration with the ECO School project, we prepared the challenge: "How to become an environmentally friendly fan", inviting students from primary and secondary Slovenian schools to present solutions for attending a sports event in a sustainable way.

The challenge:
The students were required to prepare a presentation on organising a green sports day - attending the Planica 2023 event in a sustainable way, in particular taking into account the following aspects:

  • sustainable mobility: finding sustainable solutions regarding transportation to the event (arrival to/departure from Planica);
  • waste: attending a sports event with minimum waste generation rate (prevention, reuse, disposal, no single-use plastic items);
  • social responsibility: positive impacts on the society and local environment, accessibility and inclusion of all social groups, engagement of the local community;
  • healthy mind in a healthy body: engaging in sporting activities when travelling to the event, preparations for attending the event (integration of the plans for the event in the physical education programme), activities at the event itself.

The winners of the challenge will be announced in Planica on March 1, 2023 as part of the Event: "Through sustainable events to a carbon-neutral and resource-efficient society".

At the time of the ongoing challenge, we visited the Leskovec pri Krškem primary school and made this video: