In accordance with the sustainability guidelines of this year's Green Planica, we will measure the carbon footprint of the event in collaboration with ClimatePartner. Since 2006, ClimatePartner has provided assistance to more than 5,000 organisations in their efforts to establish more sustainable behaviour. In the calculation of the carbon footprint, ClimatePartner observes the guidelines of the globally adopted standard for reporting greenhouse gas emissions (Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

The calculation will include the following sources of greenhouse gas emissions: energy, mobility, logistics, hotel accommodation, gastronomy, waste management, water and paper consumption.

We are aware that calculation of the carbon footprint calculator is only the beginning. This is then followed by analysis of the results and the identification of activities which are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. All this forms a basis for providing systemic solutions for the continued reduction of emissions at future events in Planica and for organising various mass events elsewhere in Slovenia.

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